Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years - A Time for Resolutions

The Edwards Family brought in New Years with family, food and Karaoke.

Mommy and Brody did not quite make it to midnight, but we were there in spirit.

A big thank you to the Vidler Family for joining us.

Karaoke Brody singing Yellow Submarine.

Samantha singing what else, but Taylor Swift

Now it is time for Edwards Family Resolutions.

Brody - I will be potty trained

Samantha - Keep my toys clean and be nice to her brother.

Mommy and Daddy - eat clean and exercise

Nikki - I will not eat toys

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to the Official Blog of Princess Sam and The B

Happy New Year.

We are the proud parents of Princess Sam and the B. Otherwise known as Samantha and Brody.

Let's start with a look at 2010.

Highlights of 2010
The Cruise

Samantha in Grand Turk on the Beach

Riding the Skyride in St. Thomas

Waiting to go the Cruise ship in Miami

Now a Year in a Glance

Easter At Springridge Farms

Our new family member - Nikki

Sunday Afternoon in Port Dover

July 1st at Storybook Gardens
Now we head into 2011
A preview of what is to come.
Winter fun
Summer Activities
Disney Vacation.